Visiting the Cloisters

May 20, 2023

Under the auspices of the New York Medieval Society, students from Sarah Lawrence College and Columbia University visited the Cloisters. They examined the capitals and columns of the twelfth-century Cuxa Cloister and discussed the uses of cloister passageways — especially for reading and meditating — during the monastic day.

The students also analyzed a range of works in the Collection, from the fifteenth-century German Dormition of the Virgin Mary to the Fuentidueña apse imported from north-central Spain, drawing connections between devotional images and medieval saints’ lives, as well as spiritual narratives.

Educators who are interested in designing a pedagogical program to introduce students to the Middle Ages, whether by organizing trips like this one or designing a series of reading groups or lectures, should consider applying for the New York Medieval Society Teaching Award. Details are available here.