The Medieval New: Discovering the Middle Ages in New York City

February 15, 2023

From the Romanesque and Gothic styles of St. John the Divine in the neighborhood of Morningside Heights to the corbels and grotesques found on the archways to buildings across the East Side of Manhattan, from the medieval monastic garden plans at the Cloisters Museum above Fort Tryon Park to the Chateauesque towers of the Woolworth Building in Tribeca, spaces all around New York demonstrate signs of the Middle Ages, integrating this distant past with the present life of the city. The New York Medieval Society seeks to highlight the diverse offerings of New York City and the surrounding regions to the study of the Middle Ages by promoting the educational activities and publications of teachers and faculty, the interests of bibliophiles and rare book sellers, and the exhibitions at museums with significant medieval collections, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Morgan Library & Museum. The NYMS solicits news on publications, concerts, and other events that reflect the place of the medieval culture in New York. Please send us a message through the Contact Page.