New Study on Time in the Middle Ages

April 11, 2023

Gillian Adler and Paul Strohm of the New York Medieval Society have published a new study on time in the Middle Ages, Alle Thyng Hath Time: Time and Medieval Life. This book recreates medieval people’s experience of time: as continuous and discontinuous, linear, and cyclical, embracing Creation and Judgement, shrinking to ‘atoms’ or ‘droplets’ and extending to the silent spaces of eternity.

To read more about Alle Thyng Hath Tyme, please visit the University of Chicago Press website here. Reviews of the book have been published by the Times Literary Supplement and History Today.

A discussion with the authors on medieval time was recorded and released by the HistoryExtra podcast and is available here.

A talk with the authors on ‘Medieval Concepts of Time’ will take place at the Grolier Club in New York City on May 8 here.

Please also find a recording of Gillian Adler discussing the book on the Sarah Lawrence College Library podcast here.